July 27, 2011

my journal

I'd like to introduce a new feature on my blog.
It's called "just daily observations".
If you look to the right side of my blog just above my profile pic, you will see the link.

I'll be writing about things other than what's on my blog.
Basically, just daily observations...what's in my head.
Sometimes it may be a note about how beautiful the clouds look...
or how delicious those organic blue corn chips from Target are.

These entries are not meant to be the key to my soul or an in depth look at my personal feelings.

no no no.

I'll save that stuff for my personal journal that I write in most nights before bed.

Hope you enjoy it.


  1. What a neat idea Bonnie! I'm going to enjoy keeping up with what your up to.

  2. Wow! Your photos are great!
    I like your idea for a journal. You go girl!

  3. Great post! I will admit, I'm not anywhere close to organic, but I do try to buy local (or eat from our garden!!) whenever possible, and cook from scratch as often as I can as well. It's challenging, buy I'm trying to create good habits! :)

  4. Alica, I definitely prefer to eat local over organic. Local is the way to go. I do not like grocery store produce that has been trucked in from California...I just despise that!