July 10, 2011

What I've been up to

haven't been posting very often.

the reason: lots going on!! :)

housework {yuck, uck, boo, hiss, boring}
still life robot sculptures with the kids
my birthday
shopping 80% off sales
making "to do" lists
drinking iced tea
writing in my journal
learning about art/sketch journals on YouTube
babysitting my 6 month old nephew 3 times a week
watering the garden
the drive in theater
other misc. stuff

i do have photos to share with you...
in no particular order

i"ll be back soon...
having lots of fun!


  1. Glad things are going well for you all. .very interesting little robot people. .what will you do with them now??

  2. Wow- busy busy busy! I adore teh embroidery xx

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Out door movie! Loving on babies! Wow! You have been busy. Take care.

  4. I loved the photos. The robots take the cake! They are awsome! How creative can you get! All the photos tell the story. The birthday cake is excellent also. Thank you for the update and reminding me of all the simple things that make life grand.

  5. Well Happy Birthday you! I like the way you sneaked that in there. Your nephew is such a cutie, you must have a hard time getting anything done when he and all his kissable dimples are around. And your Sasquatch embroidery is almost done! You have been very busy. Enjoy your summer!

  6. Melanie..thanks for commenting! The robot sculptures turned out well and we are planning on making more. The one with the radio head is going in my youngest son's room. He made that one. The one made with the red pot is going on top of my refrigerator for decoration...or maybe on one of my counter tops...it's definitely a great conversation piece! I saw the idea one day while I was browsing the internet. This guy makes them...but he is really an artist at it! His creations are wonderful! I saved the page in my favorites to go back to one day. I knew my kids would get a kick out of it. We bought everything at Goodwill thrift store for very cheap! I am going to make a post about the process.

  7. Mother of Purl, Hello! I'm glad you enjoyed my embroidery. I am loving it myself. It has been such a fun project and I have been wondering how people would respond to Sasquatch. I don't believe there are Big Foot out there, but I do think the whole mystery of it is kinda fun in a folklore kind of way. I'm thinking about doing Loch Ness Monster next. I'll probably make him cute. Fun!

  8. Hey Peggy, thanks for stopping by the blog! Yes, I am loving on this little baby. He's too cute! He cures my need for wanting another baby. I get the best of both worlds. I get to smell, and love and kiss and hug and care for a little baby, and I don't have to be a full time mom and go through the pregnancy and labor and delivery!! It is very fun, he does wear me out by the time he goes home...boy wait til he is crawling!!!

  9. Hello Birds, Bees, Berries and Blooms! So glad you left a comment. I'll be stopping by your blog today to see what you have been up to! Glad you like the birthday cake. I didn't even leave an explanation under the photo...but as you can see, my loving, wonderful kids frosted it and decorated it all by themselves! It is supposed to say "Yo Mamma B day" and up where the candles are they wrote "41". so cute! My hubby was supposed to help them, but as it turned out, he ended up with a high fever all day long and was completely down and out the entire day. He ended up having a serious skin infection in his leg called cellulitis! Yikes! He's fine now...thank goodness...taking all of his antibiotics!

  10. Hello Suzanne from Window on the Prairie! Glad you stopped by to check in on my blog. I am so far behind on your blog!!! My nephew is napping right now and I am getting caught up on everything in blogland. I'll be heading over to your blog right quick! And yes, I do have a hard time getting things done when he's around.....all the kissing of the dimples...I kiss him all day long..and I have a phrase that I sing to him all day "who's a baby boy that I love, love, love!" My kids are always like "oh my gosh, mom, you keep saying that!" I say, "oh please! I did the same thing to you two when you were babies!"

  11. Dear Cindy, from The Martha Complex, so glad you left a comment! I am flattered that you like my photos! I always appreciate compliments on my photos...it makes me feel good!

  12. You have certainly been busy. I love the robots. Your embroidery is great. And your tomatoes look wonderful. Mine are still little. Your nephew is adorable. I could just hug him to pieces. How lucky are you to have your kids make you that wonderful cake! By the way, Happy Birthday!