August 8, 2011

Pennsylvania the beautiful !

What can I tell you about Pennsylvania?
How can I describe to you how beautiful it is?
How can I convey the feeling I get 
when earth meets rock 
rock meets water 
water meets sky?

How can I describe the feeling of cold air on your legs 
when it's seeping from a cave 
coming out from under a huge bolder.

Is it possible for me to convey 
the heat and humidity 
entrapped within the woods?
Can I relate to you 
the smell of moss 
earth and dried leaves 
that blanket the the floor of the forest? 

I wonder... 
if you close your eyes...
can you imagine what it feels like 
to touch the face of a bolder
that's been warmed by the morning sun?

If you close your eyes
can you see the golden sun
pushing through the tree tops
shimmering on the surface of the water?

How can I describe the sound of rushing water
 splashing against rocks
swooshing around boulders?

Is it possible to understand the awe and appreciation 
I feel in my heart
with all that's around me?

I was thinking 
I wish 
I could bring 
everyone I know
everyone I've met
all of my blog friends
to this very spot
to experience 
the great beauty
of this valley.

I wish 
you too 
could wash your face
in the cool fresh water
flowing down this magnificent river.

I wish you too 
could walk about 
on rocks of every size
to explore and investigate.

Our hike would begin and end
at this old covered bridge.

A beacon of hope
when your legs get weary.
A bless-ed sight
when your water bottle is empty.
You would know you made it
That you completed the 2 mile hike
A mile down
then across the river on a bridge
A mile back
And there it is.
The covered bridge 
welcoming you back to civilization
and your car
not that you want to leave the serenity 
of the woods!

Before heading back to our car
we could tour the old flour mill.
McConnell's Mill
that was powered by 
the natural force of water
using a paddle wheel
in the basement.

You could throw a line 
if you wish
catch a fish!
Ha Ha, that rhymes!

And as we drove away
past glorious
your mouth would fall open
and you'd have to get out of the car
and take a picture
so you could remember
just how beautiful
Pennsylvania is.


  1. Oh Bonnie, what a beautiful place. I don't think I've ever been to Pennsylvania. Thank you for the mini tour. So relaxing.

  2. Gorgeous. Also, I didn't realize you were so close to me. We're in the Harrisburg area. :)

  3. OK, seriously. .do you take overnight guests. .or over 2-3 night guests?? That is just up my alley. .love it!! What a fabulous place to live and play!! The friend I made at my conference last spring lives in Philly. .some day I might take a Pennsylvania tour. .and then I'll be stopping by your place too ;-)

  4. Wow! You do live in a beautiful state. I really haven't spent much time there. Only to drive through. Looks like a super time with the fam. Just beautiful!

  5. You did take me. I loved every minute of it. I could smell the air, feel the water, and see the beauty. Thank you.

  6. I love all of your nature pictures and wish I could be more in tune with nature. The covered bridges are my favorite, and I may just have to visit there to see them. Beautiful photographs as usual.

  7. Oh my goodness, you are a poet, and your photos are breath-taking! I'm so glad you visited my blog so I could discover yours.

    My late brother lived in PA for a few years, and although he was an Oklahoma boy, he loved Pennsylvania and raved about its beauty. You are a lucky gal. :)

  8. What a great series of shots and thoughts. I live in Butler County and McConnells Mill is one of my favorite spots.

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  9. Bonnie,
    Thank you so much for the tour. As a PA transplant to Texas I miss my state. Having grown up in Philly and lived in Pgh.for 18 years I too spent wonderful days hiking the state parks. I love McConnell's Mill and your photos took me there. My sons learned to ride their bikes and swim at nearby Moraine State Park.(Your photos of Presque Isle and Waldameer brought back wonderful memories, too. I can remember how good it felt to go down that hill to get on to the Isle.) Again, thank you for the quick trip home!