November 1, 2011

Mayhem and Flo are dating

Here's the photo of me and my hubby dressed as Mayhem, from Allstate Insurance, and Flo, from Progressive Insurance. We had a lot of fun with these costumes and everyone really loved the idea! We received a lot of compliments! I had fun with my make up...especially the "cat eye" eyeliner! I even gave my hubby a shiner on his left eye with some pink, blue and purple eye shadow.

My husband roughed up this thrift store suit jacket by being dragged, on purpose, cause he's crazy, behind the quad! How's that for dedication! Well, at least he wore a helmet for heaven's sake! He told me that when he was a kid, he always wanted to be a stunt man...well, I guess he finally made his dream come true...all in the name of Halloween! Oh my!

I hope everyone enjoyed Halloween and trick or treat! Moving on...I am ready for Thanksgiving!

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  1. I love your costumes!! Very clever indeed!! My hubby actually put his own makeup on this year!! I was so tickled. .it took him longer to get ready than me this year!! He tells me he won't dress up next year. .but we'll see!! Hope you guys had a great time!

  2. Love it Bonnie! You two are so creative. My favorite part is you hair, and your hubby's jacket and how he got it in that condition. Dedication indeed!

  3. You two look great. Your husband looks especially like Mayhem -- all messed up. And you could be Flo's sister. You are so clever. Hope you had a good time at the party.

  4. This is great Bonnie! Very creative and well done!

  5. LOL! Oh my gosh! Too funny! YOu guys are so crazy. so cool that your husband was in to it.
    By the way I love that fire place your stainding in front of.