December 20, 2011

excuses, excuses

Well, I have underestimated the time that I thought I would have this past weekend and so far this week. It's really not that crazy at all, it's just that adding in a few extra things on top of the usual schedule is just enough to leave me with little time or energy to finish my painting. It WILL be done before Christmas, I can assure you that! I was planning on working on it all day today, but my mother in law called last night to say that she wants to take me out for a little shopping and lunch. Now, why would I turn that down? Ha ha ha ha!

Anyhow, I'm getting there!

Yesterday, I watched my 11 month old nephew for 8 hours, then I baked cookies for Scouts, made dinner, brought in a boat load of firewood with my son, enjoyed the fire, got sleepy because of the fire, started to watch the Steelers get their butt whipped by the 49rs, continued to watch the sad football game and busted up quarterback while laying in bed snuggling up with my youngest son.....and painting just went right out the window!! Oh yes it did!

Also on my mind is the 10 centerpieces I am making for our apple dumplin' ice cream social that will be held at church one hour before we have our regular Christmas Eve service. They are really quite adorable and very easy to make...but I only have 3 done. Here's a photo of them.

The tables we are using in the youth room for this event are really cute and small. They are cafe tables that are only about 2 feet in the centerpieces need to be narrow and tall and these just fit the tree per table.

Well, I'm outta here for mother in law will be here in about a minute or two!


  1. Oh my goodness the little trees are so cute. I love how festive they look! I can't understand how busy you are right now. Moms are always busy, ha ha!!!! Try not to work to hard and remember to have fun!

  2. Now those are cute!! You are so totally creative!! Apple dumplins on Christmas eve. .a great idea!! The countdown is on!

  3. I would love to have the instructions on how to do those