December 13, 2011

Help!! I need suggestions!

I am proud of my Christmas subway art I painted yesterday!
I think it turned out pretty great! I am totally dead in the water!
I don't know what to paint on the other canvas.

It doesn't have to have a Christian theme...
but I don't want it to be Santa Claus-y either.
Don't get me wrong...I love Santa...but it won't seem cohesive.

I am asking you for suggestions on what to paint on the other blank canvas?
Please help!!

I'm going shopping now...when I get back, I hope to see lots of suggestions!
I plan to use someone's suggestion, paint it, and then reveal it on my blog!

Until then, hope you are having as much fun decorating as I am!


  1. Maybe a favorite Christmas carol..."O Holy Night..." comes to mind. Perhaps just the first stanza, with a silhouette of the stable and the star at the bottom?

  2. I like the idea of a carol too. Silent Night? And how about painting it red since the other one is green.

  3. I've seen some ideas on pinterest. Keep Calm and Jingle On.

    I like the other suggestions of O Holy Night.

  4. What about a simple silhouette of trees against a night sky? Just paint the entire canvas a dark blue for the night sky and maybe tape off a white circle for the moon. Then when it's dry, paint some black tree shapes (either evergreen or leaf-less trees)along the bottom. You could even fleck some silver stars on it with a toothbrush and silver paint, though if you do that, do it before painting the trees so you don't get stars on them.

  5. I see a red New Year's theme. Things like Resolutions, looking back, looking forward, new start, closure, goals, accomplishments, anticipation and fulfilment. Probably not where you wanted to go. I love love love your Subway art. Great idea. The color is wonderful.

  6. Love your subway art too!! It's awesome!! My initial thought was dark background with THE star. .but I can see it with Kathleen's suggestion of the dusk sky with tree sillouttes. .and the big guiding star! I love the carol idea, but not with the words you already have. .too many words. .but my fave carol is oh holy night. .so if you get bored and want to create a whole new set. .I'll send you my address :-) Can't WAIT to see what you come up with!

  7. I think something with a vintage music sheet feel would be really cool. Then you could incorporate a carol, but it wouldnt have to be all words... I ran across your blog on pinterest and was hoping you would stop by and check out my stuff and subscribe. I am hoping to connect with other crafters and cookers! Thanks, Katie!

  8. how 'bout a mash-up of songs:let it snow, let it shine, let it be. wintery, spiritual, peaceful. maybe incorporate some snowflakes, some stars, a white dove as a symbol of peace? i love that you're putting this out there for inspiration!

  9. I think you could bring the whole mantel together with snowflakes, a snowy hill, and some fir trees! Looks great! Beth

  10. Oh my goodness how cute! You did such a good job! I love your mantel. Sounds like you have some good ideas from everyone.

  11. Oh, it turned out so cool. I'm very impressed!