June 21, 2012

Show and Tell, hand embroidery

* just wanted to show off my latest project *


I thoroughly enjoyed making this! 
I have to confess . . . I traced the pie from an embroidery transfer book. 
I think that it's fair to say . . embroidery is currently my favorite hobby!! 
 Do any of you embroider?? 
If so, tell me what you've made! 
I'd love to hear about it!!
Or you can email me a photo if you'd like!
I would love to see!!


  1. I like it!!

    I don't embroider...I used to cross stitch, but now scrapbooking is my "hobby"!

  2. My mom taught me to embroider when I was 3 years old. She loved it and passed the love to me. But I do mostly counted cross stitch (which she did not like to do). Your embroidery is beautiful! I feel sorry for people who do not know how to do the old fashioned crafts.

  3. I love how you framed it too!! I taught myself how to do it a few years ago. .and made a couple little projects (my fave. .the kind I can get done quickly). I LOVE how people do the embroidery and then pair it up with cool fabric to make stuff like pillows and wall hangings! Someday I hope to get back to it in order to create whimsical little things!

  4. Wow! How cute! You did a super job! I love embroidery! My grandmother used to to this and I treasure anything she did.

  5. Aww...so cute. Love it! I haven't done embroidery since I was a kid. I do like to crochet though.

  6. Aww...cute. I haven't embroidered since I was a kid, but I do like to crochet.

  7. Wow !! thatts a amazing so thanks and keep it on.