August 2, 2012

TODAY'S HEADLINES: Stay-at-Home-Mom wastes too much time and doesn't even enjoy the summer sun!

My goodness, I don't have any photos of yummy food to show you....nor do I have any photos of cutesy craft projects.  I've been in a semi funk all summer! Like, not a bad funk, just a little funk. I don't know what my deal is. Of course, I have absolutely no good reason to be in a (semi) funk...I am blessed beyond measure and God takes care of our family constantly. He is so good to us every single solitary day. So why the funk? Hmm? I don't know. I sound spoiled and ungrateful! But I promise you,  I am very, very grateful!
One thing I thought about the other totally just made sense! I haven't been outside very much this summer during the heat of the day in the direct sunshine. I was thinking I might be lacking vitamin D from the sun. I totally get this way in the winter....and I get blah. This has been the most I have stayed inside during the day, during any summer I can ever remember. I have to make myself catch some rays today.

On to other things...I am going to attempt some time management for myself. It's not that I don't have enough time to get things's the opposite. I have too much time! And......I need to be utilizing that time to my advantage!! I have so much time and I am letting it slip away to nothingness!

Oh look, it's a picture of me! 

People.....this is me this summer!! All June and July...but hopefully not August. 
Must. Reform. Myself. 

At this time in my life, I am blessed to have the time to get chores done, be a mom and wife, annnnndddd, also have plenty of time to do my hobbies. There are some quilts I started that I would love to finish....and I would like to get back into scrapbooking. I've got the time....I'm just not using it right! Days go by and I think, sheez, what do I have to show for it! I made a list of things that "kill" my time and I am evaluating whether I really need them in my it something that adds quality to my life? If not, cut it out. Some things I'm going to try to eliminate and some things I'm going to just cut way back on.

My first order of business (after housework and children)  is to get working on those unfinished quilts....and I will show you guys when I complete them. If I actually finished these quilts, I cannot tell you how proud I would be of myself!! But, I have to be careful to balance the time and not let the quilting time get out of control or then my housework will slip! hahaha!

Okay guys, that's all for today! I'm going to get moving! I have already promised myself time in the sun today...then I'll do some touch up housework....then I will pull out the first quilt top to be finished!!! Please send some energizing, motivating brain waves my way!


  1. Ok, you asked for it Bonnie. Here's your requested cyber kick in the pants from me.
    Now get going!

    1. hehe! Thanks Suzanne...I'm catching that cyber kick! LOL

  2. I need a cyber kick too. Bonnie, it's like we are living parallel lives. I have been doing a bunch of nothing all summer -- just really tired all the time. It's been too hot to go outside so maybe that is my problem too. We've got to get ourselves out of this funk. Maybe we should make a pact with each other.

    1. Kathy, I agree! We need to make a pact! Today, I actually did a little more than usual because I wrote this post and I figured I'd better live up to my promises! hahaha! I did a cleaning project in my kitchen, I sat out in the sun on my back deck for about 10 minutes to get some good vitamin D to make me feel good, and then I pulled out my quilt with the little sail boats...I posted a picture of it once before. Anyhow, I haven't started on it yet today, but I am planning on it around 8:30 this evening. I have got to make myself finish that quilt!! There is no excuse...I'm about 3/4 of the way done!!! Maybe we could email each other with the things that we do and that will give each other motivation. It doesn't have to be cleaning projects, but it could be if that's what we want, but it could be stuff like quilting, or making a craft, or some kind of DIY project around the house or yard. Even if it's small...we just might be able to keep each other goin'!!

  3. Oh my...this would be me too! Yes, I get things done that I HAVE to milking and barn work, but then I just can't get motivated. To fold the laundry that I hung out...and to weed my garden. The garden is the worst this year...I'm so embarrassed! TOday we had an Amish neighbor come to repair our calf hutch, and he saw my garden up close and personal. Now that is embarrassing! His wife's garden is crazy weed free! I'd better get at it (as soon as it's not so unbearably hot, that is!)

    1. Alica, I am so glad to know that I am not the only one who has been like this this summer! LOL! I was a little hesitant to write and post about my lack of motivation!! hahaha! Whew! Now I feel normal..yay!! I understand what ya mean about your garden...I feel that way when someone stops by and my house needs tidied up and of course they never stop when my house is beautiful and so clean it could be in a magazine!! I always feel soo embarrassed!

  4. I'm with ya! It has been so hot here I don't go out at all. There is a small bed in my yard that looks really bad. I thought I could wait till fall to work on it or after a frost. Ha ha! Hows that for procrastination!
    Ok Get out our heads and get moving!!!

  5. Bless you!! I am completely the opposite. .With my out of house job. .it seems that I have to run and run to keep up. .I think that if I didn't have to run on sheer adrenaline, I wouldn't get much done either. .I know that for me. .if I do have some slack time, it's easy to get caught up in things and not feel like doing the things I should and then I feel blah too!! I don't know if it would help. .but maybe making a "schedule" for your day and setting a timer would help you. .saying a prayer for your funk. .cause I'll bet that is a LOT of the trouble right now. .hang in there girl!!