August 14, 2012

Stan the man, Stan my man

You are looking at the angel of all husbands here. 
There is nothing he wouldn't do for me.
He is smart, talented and creative.
When I say smart...
I mean that he retains knowledge, details and facts.
He can figure out any problem
be it structural or design.
He can build anything.
He has a keen sense of intuition which always blows me away.
More often than not, he is right on the money.
He has the clever knack of discerning bullshit from reality.
He's pretty much a no nonsense kinda guy.
But...has the sense of humor of a comedian.
He has kept me laughing every single day of our marriage. 
Seriously, it is pretty much non stop shenanigans every day around here.
He knows everything there is to know about 
biking, hiking, backpacking, and survival skills.
He served as a United States Marines for 4 years and fought on the front lines of Desert Storm.
Oh, I almost forgot.
He is strong.
Like, really strong. 
I've seen this man lift a 15 foot palm tree by himself.
How he even got it into the truck by himself is an oddity in itself.
I'm telling you, he's an ox.
He has endurance like no other.
He can hike the highest mountain with ease.
He can bicycle the highest hill.
His lung capacity never fails to impress me.
Oh, he even has the most calmest heart rate I have ever heard.
When I lay my head on his chest and listen to his heart,
I wonder if it's ever going to beat again!
It's totally slow and steady and strong.
Mine is fast and hyper and no wonder I tucker out so fast.
Another thing, 
he is my rock.
Like, serious ROCK.
He is the calm in the storm.
Especially my storms.
He doesn't get frightened.
He doesn't get worried.
He can handle stress.
He can handle emotion.
He can manage problems.
He finds solutions.
Even hurricanes do not unravel him, I tell ya!
Thank God for him!
When I am sick, he is caring.
When I freak out, he is calming.
When I am worried, he is practical.
When I am scared, he is understanding.
There are some fun things as well.
He teases me, picks on me, and goofs with me.
I tease him, pick on him and goof with him.
This is all the fun kind of teasing and picking, mind you.
No mean stuff, just silly, goofy stuff that keeps us laughing!
Every day laughing!
He can't stay mad long even if he tries.
He is generally upbeat but in a calm way.
He has his grumpy moments.
He has his dorky moments.
He is the best father to our children.
I tell him he is a better father than I am mother.
He says no, that's not true.
I would not pick another man to be my children's father.
His example to them is strong.
He has always played with the kids more than I have.
He wants to do all the fun boy stuff with them
like build ramps for their bikes
and tree houses
and rope swings.
  So, ya, he's pretty much an angel.
Does he ever make me mad or irritated?
Well, ya, now and then,
but it quickly passes.
I don't know how.
It just does.
I am so happy I have Stan.
He is my man!


  1. Sounds like you have the perfect husband, the one you probably never thought existed until you met him. I know, cause I married the perfect husband too. I'm endlessly amazed by him, as I'm sure you are of your hubby. Kudos to our men!

  2. Oh how sweet! You are so lucky! I'm sure you know many men that are truly worth less! You need to thank God every day for him! I wish I had a man like that!

  3. What a beautiful tribute to Stan the Man. He truly is the man in your life. Just by the way you write I know he is the perfect husband for you and the perfect father for your boys. I would say you are lucky, but there is no luck. God knew the two of you needed each other and put you together.

  4. First, gotta say. .I LOVE that picture of you guys!!Blow it up and frame it!! Better yet, get on pinterest and put it on a canvas in black and white!! Love the tribute too, You are truly one of the most blessed girls in the world!!

  5. Aww, Bonnie! This is all kinds of awesome, it kind of made me a little teary in that deliriously happy sort of way. Shoot, I think I love Stan, too! He sounds like an amazing partner, everything a gal could wish for and more, long may you love!