December 9, 2012

December crafting

/// Christmas crafting time \\\

/// beautiful deer die cuts \\\

///baker's twine love \\\

/// handmade tags for my baking business \\\
/// I only bake for local family and friends \\\

/// my little December specials menu \\\

/// sweet little deer with bakery twine bow...precious \\\

/// Here's a peak at just some of the pies I made for my business in November. \\\ 
/// This was my very first sale for Sweet Mamma's Pies & Pastries. \\\


  1. I fear I have lost all of my commenters. sniff, sniff. anybody out there? LOL

  2. I'm here, I'm here. .It looks like you were a pie bakin' fool!! Yum. .too bad you don't live closer to me!

  3. hey girl! I've been sorta busy! Looks like you have been really busy! I didn't know you started a business! I guess I should read on!

  4. This pies looks amazing!! And the tsp of ginger man that you have on the heading are so cute... I found you via pinterest. Your blog it´s so inspiring.