January 2, 2013

new treasures

It's January. We're packing away the ornaments and putting away the Christmas tree. This sweet little acorn birdhouse is so adorable. It was a new purchase this Christmas...my youngest son picked it out. I just love the simplicity of it.

Another new ornament this year....this awesome hamburger. It's made of that really delicate, glass-like material.  My oldest son chose this one. And so....these wonderful ornaments will be lovingly and gently packed away until next Christmas...when we'll unwrap them, smile and say "Ooooh, I forgot about this one!"


  1. Isn't it funny how we forget about our favorite ornaments over the year? Then each Christmas it's like discovering them all over again. Yours are cute.

  2. I love unpacking all the decorations too. .and just like you. .I usually find one that I have forgotten all about!! Funny he would choose a hamburger. .but I sure love the glitter that is on it. .it looks delicate and old fashioned! Enjoy your new year!

  3. Love your blog...Especially your photos! I bust out laughing when I saw the Yeti cookies! ADORABLE!!!
    Enjoy your day!