July 31, 2013

my funny facebook status

Hi! I thought I'd share with you, my most recent facebook status. It's pretty humorous, and I thought you could use a laugh.

"ok, another funny garden story...at my expense!! picked 9 zucchini and put them in a big mixing bowl just inside of the garden, next to the wire electric fence. picked about 8 cucumbers...time to go inside, as my nephew Lucas keeps running away behind the house where I can't see him and it's lunch time anyway. I put Lucas in the house, run outside to plug in the electric fence, start heading back towards the house when I glance over to see the bowl of zucchini....oh, I think to myself, I better get that instead of leaving them lay in the hot sun. I am aware the fence is on....I carefully stretch and reach over the fence, bend down and pick up the bowl, clearing the fence with ease. Wait, a huge ant crawls over the zucchini, I stop to flick it off so I don't take it in the house with me. Now, I am distracted. The ant crawls under the zucchini, I look for it for one second, oh well, forget it. I pick up the bowl but forget to keep my arms extended out away from the electric wire. BA HAHAHAHA!! I catch the fence on the fatty, soft skinned, sensitive part, of the upper arm, on the under side. I have no clue what has happened to me until it is over lightening quick! I screamed, out loud, kinda like a "YOWWWWWL" sound...pretty loud! The jolt of electricity went down my arm out my finger tips...and completely down my body and out my right foot and toes!! Did I mention I was barefoot???!!! Much worse! If I had rubber flip flops or tennis shoes, I may not have been shocked or may have been mild! Of course, I truly did think it was pretty funny and I laughed out loud! Also, I laughed out loud so my neighbors would think I meant to do that! hahaha! or so they would think I thought that was just plain old fun! Oh yes, anything to avoid embarrassement! I just love getting shocked up and down half of my body on a Wednesday afternoon! Once again....circus act! LOL"

Oh my, I seem to always have a gardening story for my facebook friends! Hope you enjoyed it!


  1. As a kid I would always try to climb over the electric fence. It never works when you have short legs, but I never learned. It is hard to unstraddle a barbed wire fence while you are getting zapped.

    1. Bonnie! I can't believe you have scaled barbed wire! yow!! hahaha! I hear those cattle and horse fences have lots of shock compared to my small game electric fence. I can't imagine! LOL Thanks for stopping by...I appreciate it!

  2. HAHAHAH! You silly girl. .I might have cried!! Bet you don't do it again :-0

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