May 1, 2010

Soooo responsible that kid of mine!

Okay, this is just WAY too cute! Woke up this morning around 6:30 AM...went to check on Easton, my 8 year old...wasn't in his bed...Hmm??...must be playing video games in the play room...Noo, not there...Oooh, I think I hear the TV out to him from the top of the stairs, "Easton" answer...maybe he is in the kitchen eating a bowl of cereal...go down the stairs...found him sound asleep, on the couch, the TV on, all snuggled up with a quilt and two stuffed animals...I found a note and a pencil on the coffee table...and here is what it said...

How sweet is that??? I love the complete detailed explanation for why he was sleeping on the couch and not in his bed. My heart just melted! He was so thoughtful and considerate. It seemed like he wanted to make sure all his bases were covered by writing a note so it wouldn't look as if he were up all night playing around. I love the "sincerely" part too! Stan said that he can't even SPELL sincerely himself..too funny!

my Easton


  1. That is so funny, so serious and responsible . Love it.

  2. Ilove it.. way to cute!!!