May 1, 2010

teensy tinesy flowers

I have fond childhood memories of these tiny wildflowers. They always grew proficiently in our neighbors side yard. I remember getting down in the grass on my hands and knees to admire these little beauties. So dainty and small, I've always thought them to be the prettiest little things!

Well, I am now 39 years old, and I am STILL getting down on my hands and knees to revel in their tiny glory. I am trying to identify them on the internet. I found a few that looked almost exactly like them, but not quite. One day, I will learn what they are, but for now I am content to just say, "oooohhhh look, there's those teensy tinsey little flowers!"

1 comment:

  1. I love those little flowers to...if you check my last post out ,Sydney is picking some in one of the picks.