September 6, 2011

just an update

The kids are back to school and the weather has cooled...54 degrees this morning with a steady downpour of rain. However, I'm snug as a bug in a rug on the living room floor...large mug of coffee to my right. I've got one window open just a bit...fresh air flow and the sound of rain drops are SO therapeutic.

On Saturday, the hubs and well as the boys, wandered through IKEA...inspiration for a living space in our master bedroom. I've got some great ideas a'brewin in this little head of mine. Thank goodness for my husband...he is very creative and can carry out any idea we come up with. By the way...have you ever had the $1.00 cinnamon rolls from IKEA?? HoLy CoW, they are crazy good!

Sunday afternoon found our family perusing Barnes & Noble. Man do I love that place. I really, really LOVE a really, really good book store! I only wish there wasn't a toy section to distract my kids from enriching their minds with reading. Don't get me wrong...Barnes& Noble has THE BEST toy selection ever! In fact, I already have my nephew's 1 year birthday gift picked out! It's just hard to get the kids interested in looking at books when in the corner of their eye they spy the coolest doo-dad you've ever seen! Once they've spied the toy section, it's all over.


I've been working on cleaning up and cleaning out. More master bedroom. Over a period of 2 days, I hauled out 3 bags of trash and 3 bags to give to the thrift store. I have plenty of room in our master to have a "living area". This will be what you all know as "decorating on a dime"...but I am still excited as my hubby and I have come up with some great ideas.

Until next time....I'll be sewing up a storm...I bought fabric for curtains for the master bath.



  1. Oh, I can't wait to see what you do!! I love decorating on a dime. .and we did a little of our own this past weekend. .be sure and check it out. .in our outdoor living space ;-) We also finally cooled our temps into the 80's. .we went from 108 to 96 to 84 in 3 days. .talk about system shock ;-) Good luck on the new project!!

  2. I use to dream of owning a kids book store. I am planning on making new pillows for our couch, we will see how this goes. Happy sewing.

  3. Good luck with your decorating. I am cleaning out my master bedroom too. I hope I can get as much out of mine as you did yours. Be sure to show us pictures of your finished project. Love design on a dime ideas.

  4. It's been a while since I've been on here...looks like I missed a bunch! I have such trouble with dial-up, I'm going to comment on your last 3 posts on here if that's ok! :) First of all, you are an AMAZING artist. LOVE the charcoal sketch! And I'm trying that tomato/sausage pie recipe soon too! Sounds yummy! And have fun decorating...we're heading into a great time of year for a project like that, I'd think!

  5. I wish there was an IKEA store near here. I so jealous! Can't wait to see what you do.
    By the way, I sent your recipe for the tomato pie to my sister. She tried it just tonight and said it was wonderful! Now it's my turn. Thanks again for sharing it.

  6. Hey now! You can't just do a makeover without before and after photos! Not even fair. Good luck. It sounds like great fun.

  7. Had to laugh when I saw your temperature... we are finally having a summer here in Oregon- the hottest week yet! I am definitely not ready for 50 degree temps; I feel like I've just thawed out:)

    Bravo on your cleaning!!!